An application that helps in
the fight against COVID-19
Qlic-Covid is a tool for daily self-reporting of your health and possible disease symptoms that may be an indication of a COVID-19 infection.
Thank you for joining us! By participating in this project as a citizen scientist, you are supporting scientific activities aimed at collecting data on the occurrence of COVID-19 disease outbreaks in the general population which are noted in real time. The data is collected anonymously and is used for scientific purposes only. Your participation in this non-profit project helps epidemiologists and medical services better understand the pandemic in order to act effectively in the future to help prevent further outbreaks. The data helps in determining the factors which influence the manner and speed at which the virus spreads in the population.
Our app will be improved as we gather more data and extend our cooperation with other research and medical organisations.
Help us in the fight against COVID-19!
Below you will find analysis results updated live from the Qlic-Covid application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who created the Qlic-Covid application?

The Qlic-Covid application was created by two IT companies, General Systems & Software (Poland) Ltd. and SOLWIT in cooperation with three project partners: The Polish Hospital Federation, Institute of Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine and SensDX - Digital Diagnostics.

The project's medical consultant was professor Jarosław J. Federowski, prof. uniw, MD, PhD, MBA, FACP, FESC.

What is the purpose of the Qlic-Covid web application?

The Qlic-Covid application is used to map disease outbreaks which occur in the general population, in specific geographical areas. It is a tool for the daily reporting of users’ health status as well as the occurrence of possible disease symptoms that may indicate a COVID-19 infection.

The purpose of the application is to collect the largest possible amount of anonymous data that will be used exclusively for scientific purposes. By analysing the data obtained, scientists and epidemiologists will be able to better understand the rate at which the virus spreads, identify areas of increased risk, as well as factors which influence the manner at which the virus spreads in the population.

The application is not a diagnostic tool.

Who will have access to the data?

All data is anonymous. We do not require users to register or provide personal data.

The data can be shared with partner research institutions, epidemiologists and scientists working on statistical and mathematical models related to the analysis of the pandemic.

Will the data be sold?

The web application is and always will be free, and any data you provide will not be used for commercial purposes.

Application developers are open to the possibility of cooperating with institutions and organisations that wish to support the project with grants and donations. The goal is to collect additional funds for the development of the app and implementation of further stages of the project.

Can I request that my data be changed or deleted?

We do not collect or process any data that could in any way be associated with a specific, identifiable person. This means that it is not possible to determine that the change or deletion of data is requested by a person who could in any way relate to specific data used in the application.

Who can use the application?

The application is open to all persons residing in the Republic of Poland, regardless of their citizenship and age.

We encourage all users to regularly report their health status, regardless of whether they have disease symptoms or not.

Where can I report errors in the application?

This is a not for profit app that was produced in a very short development time, therefore it may contain one or two bugs. We welcome any feedback relevant to our app which users can send to us by email to admin@qlicmed.com. Please bear with us as we resolve all technical issues.

Notifications do not work in the application. Why?

Each user who has consented to receiving notification will receive a daly reminder to self report any health issues via our app. Some browsers, such as Safari, do not support our notifications. In this case, notifications will not be visible to the user.

In other cases, the user should make sure that notifications are not blocked in the browser settings. For example, in Google Chrome, notifications can be unblocked or blocked in the Settings tab: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/3220216?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=en

Project development
Technological Partners
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Medical Consultant
Jarosław J. Fedorowski,
Prof. uniw., MD, PhD,
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